Free pebble repeating background

Use the tile below to create a free pebble / stones background for your website. To use the pebble tile as a paint bucket background for design work in Photoshop open the tile in Photoshop and choose Edit > Define Pattern. For a full tutorial see How to create a repeating background in Photoshop.

To use this tile as a repeating background on the web, use the CSS background image option.

repeating tile stones pebbles
repeating tile stones pebbles

Use the above pebble image for a seemless background pattern. Right Click the image to Save it to your computer.

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Hannah works as a website designer for a digital agency based in the UK. She has over 15 years of experience using Photoshop and has been using it daily since 2005.

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    how did you create this, im trying to do the same with pebbles