About PhotoshopBuzz

PhotoshopBuzz is an online resource for Photoshop tutorials, freebies, tips for Photoshop users of all levels. It was started as a video blog, which eventually became a tutorial site.

Many Photoshop tutorial sites offer very advanced and time-consuming tutorials. PhotoshopBuzz was started to offer tutorials for Photoshop users at all levels with the emphasis on tutorials and techniques that are easy to follow in simple steps – so anyone, even complete newcomers to Photoshop is able to follow.

Our team has experienced designers and photographers with different backgrounds that will show the magic power of Photoshop in different aspects. 

Why Create PhotoshopBuzz.com

We want to help!

Many people think that Photoshop is difficult to learn and complicated seeing all the crazy cool effect images and posters. Actually, if you just try to get to know more about it, it’s really not that hard, you can make these arts as well. We are here to help you express your ideas through images and create beautiful art. 

Our website also includes a freebie section where you can find some useful resources for your artwork because we know it’s time-consuming to do research. You know, just making your life easier.

The Team Behind PhotoshopBuzz

Cara Koch

Cara fell in love with photography circa 2014 and has been exploring all corners of the imagery world ever since. When she felt limited by Lightroom, she dove headfirst into Photoshop to learn how to create the images she wanted. From turning her little girls into fairies to putting the final cherry on top of delectable food images, Photoshop has been the faithful tool that makes it all possible.

Thomas Boldt

Thomas started his Photoshop career way back in the hazy, serene days near the dawn of time – also known as the year 2000. After exploring Photoshop 5.5 in a high school computer lab filled with fruit-flavored iMacs, he developed an enduring passion for photography, design, and technology that carried him through a Bachelor of Design degree and into the wild world of tech startups. He now spends his time teaching and writing about digital photography and image editing, with a special focus on demystifying the complexities of Photoshop.

Aly Walters

Aly is a graphic designer who uses the entire Adobe Suite on a daily basis. Photoshop is her inspiration, especially since she is Adobe certified and uses it most often for her graphics and web-designed images. Aly enjoys the challenges of Photoshop and strives to help others learn from her experiences by writing about it.

June Escalada

June is an experienced graphic designer specializing in brand design. Photoshop is the essential tool that she uses every day along with other Adobe programs for her creative work. Besides the classic image touch-ups and web banner designs, making a simple image into something totally different is what she really enjoys doing. She believes that visuals convey the message better than words. Her typical works are colorful, tropical vibes, and created with fun animal elements. 

How We Create The Content

Our tutorials and blogs are created based on our experience being designers and photographers. We learned from our experience, found solutions to the problems we ran into including some common mistakes and designed the tutorials in a way that makes sense. 

We test and review all content before publishing to make sure you get accurate and high-quality content.

What Will You Learn Here

Tutorials on this website are designed to help all levels of Photoshop users. If you’re a beginner, you’ll learn quickly from the step-by-step tutorials with screenshots and highlights. If you’ve been using Photoshop for a while, you’ll find some more advanced tutorials that include tips and freebies. 

Contact Us

Is there a particular technique or method you would like more information on? All tutorial ideas are welcomed. Please use the contact form to get in touch.

Ask about: Photoshop techniques, design, typography, working freelance, creating portfolios, getting a job in the design industry, creating graphics in Photoshop, etc.

It may take a while to write a whole tutorial on a subject but we will try to help by email if anyone is particularly stuck with anything.

Disagree with a particular Photoshop technique? As with every process in Photoshop, there are always alternative ways of doing things! 

The tutorials are written to assist those learning, so any comments that add to the tutorials that will help others learn new techniques are welcomed in the comments. All comments on blog posts are greatly appreciated.