Free Cork Repeating Background Tile

Cork patterns are popular for menu design, eco-friendly design style flyers, or web banners. Cork patterns also create a back-to-school feeling because it looks exactly like putting up your to-do sticker notes on your bulletin board. 

No matter what you’re making today, there are 10 awesome seamless cork textures I’d like to share with you here and they are FREE! 

Note: websites can change their terms of use. Please check the copyright information on the individual website/photo to check the terms at the time of use. 

Check them out.

1. Cork 02 

2. Cork mat

3. Green cork

4. Corkboard

5. Graphic cork plate

6. Cork notice board

7. Cork fine texture

8. Cork wall frame 

Sure, it’s a frame, but you can always crop or zoom in to make it a background 😉

9. Cork vector

10. Brown cork pattern 

Hope you found a perfect background for your design. If you’re not 100% happy with the patterns, you can also make your own repeating patterns.

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