Free Wood Patterns and Textures for Photoshop

Wood Texture gives a warm and cozy touch, remember how many thanksgiving posters you’ve seen that show delicious turkey and pumpkin pie on wooden background? Almost look like the food is right on the table waiting for you. 

Exactly! That’s the effect that wood patterns can bring you! And that’s why designers like to use them to create designs for restaurants. What do you associate with wood? Table? Fire? Coziness! 

Other than restaurant posters and menus, you can also use wood patterns to make cool effects and designs. 

No matter what you’re making today, there are 10 awesome wood textures I’d like to share with you here and they are FREE! 

Check them out! 

1. Wooden Texture Background

2. Tileable wood texture

3. Wood Floor

4. Grey Wood Texture

5. Indigo Plank wood texture

6. Wooden Planks

7. Walnut 

8. Monochrome

9. Dark Wood

10. Log Wood

Which one is your favorite? 

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