Photoshop Free Pastel Gradients Set

by hannah 10,320 views2

Pastels are very popular at the moment, be it shoes, clothes or web designs. I’ve created a pastel palette of 12 gradients that are free to download and use within your designs.

The gradients are made up from 8 solid colours that are all shown below.

To install these gradients within your own version of Photoshop; Find Photoshop in the applications folder and go to Presets > Gradients and place the .grd file loose within the folder.

Let me know what you use them on!

Download Gradients Now

Comments (2)

  1. hey! I love these. are they free for commercial use?

  2. Yes please use them, I’d love to see what they’re used in. Feel free to share with PhotoshopBuzz on Facebook.

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