25 Free Chalk Board Fonts

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I’ve recently been looking into creating a chalk board design and I started looking for the perfect font! I love the chalk board designs where the fonts are all mismatched together and handwriting is used next to scripts and old western style caps so I hunted down a selection of free fonts that would do the trick. I thought I would share my findings with you all as from the simple ‘Amatic (22)’ to the Chunky ‘Nexa Rust Slab (2)’ and the ever so quirky ‘Princess Sofia (13)’ there should be something here for everyone, whatever style you are looking for. These fonts are all free* to download. Links follow below.

(* I have done my absolute best to make sure these are free before posting them on here, please read the font licenses on the respective websites where they are available to download before use.)

Let me know your favourites!


1. Mountains Of Christmas
2. Nexa Rust Slab
3. FFF Tusj
4. Grutch Shaded
5. Nu Creactivo 2008
6. Pacifico
7. Quincy
8. Jenna Sue
9. Sofia
10. Cabin Sketch
11. Handy Georgey
12. Rye
13. Princess Sofia
14. PW Perspective
15. Sancreek
16. Morado Sharp
17. Henny Penny
18. La Truite A Papa
19. Ribeye
20. Petit Formal Script
21. Handserif
22. Amatic
23. Death Font
24. Miltonian
25. Lobster

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