Adobe Save for Web & Devices Error

When saving for web in Adobe Photoshop, when you try to save either a jpeg, gif or png if you get an error message ‘Adobe Save for Web & Devices Error’, ‘Could not complete this operation. The file was not found’. Save the document normally as a .psd file and restart photoshop. This should stop this from happening, and you should be able to save for web as normal.

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Hannah works as a website designer for a digital agency based in the UK. She has over 15 years of experience using Photoshop and has been using it daily since 2005.

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  • alex

    Thanks! I was having this problem and it worked once i restarted photoshop!

  • Kishan

    Didn’t work for me, the error keeps on coming even after saving and restarting photoshop. 🙁