Is Photoshop Good for Drawing?

Hi there! My name is Aly, I have a background in graphic design, and have been using Photoshop for over five years now. When it comes to digital drawing, you may be wondering if Photoshop is a good tool for that.

In this article, I am going to give a little insight based on my experience drawing in Photoshop and hopefully help you to decide whether it may be a good program for you!

Drawing in Photoshop

The learning curve for Photoshop is a key topic of discussion. It does require some effort to learn how to use the tools in Photoshop. Fortunately, there are many Photoshop tutorials available online. 

In addition to giving users a full range of photo-altering options, Photoshop can be a fantastic tool for drawing, but it does have some drawbacks. 

For example, accurate line work can be challenging to obtain while using Photoshop for drawing, which is one of the main issues. This is because when you zoom in on a drawing in Photoshop, the pixels become more obvious and may cause your lines to appear ragged.

These painting tools have been improved throughout time to enable artists to produce unique works of art from nothing, much like they would when drawing on paper. It is therefore ideal for cartoonists who enjoy creating comics or more conventional cartoons.

Artists also use Photoshop to improve upon previously drawn images. Some artists will begin their work on a drawing pad before moving to Photoshop to alter it. Drawings can be enhanced with lighting and color using Photoshop.

Photoshop is also good for producing spectacular custom designs. It provides an extensive selection of pens and brushes that will enable you to start producing right away. 

Photoshop’s brushes are great for drawing because you can find brushes for different types of drawings. You can also use brushes to trace a photo and turn it into a drawing.

Drawing with Adobe Illustrator vs Adobe Photoshop

Because it was created expressly for drawing, Illustrator is special. It provides a selection of instruments geared at artists. You’ll adore how simple it is to produce works of art with this approach.

When you start drawing, it is simple for you to go right to work. Illustrator has you covered for any type of art you wish to create. You can really explore your work thanks to its adaptability.

Illustrator is excellent at illustrating because it offers a variety of tools that you may use to your advantage and produce amazing outcomes. This serves as a one-stop shop for producing art for various artists.

Because it uses vectors, Illustrator triumphs over Photoshop in the contest between the two programs. Vectors are essential for design in the field of graphic design. For marketing materials, it is essential that these photos may be quickly adjusted and manipulated.

Drawing can be done using either of these approaches. Both systems’ capabilities will appeal to you greatly. They make it simple for you to quickly create engaging creative projects.

Overall, I truly think it’s a personal preference of the artist themself if they prefer drawing in Photoshop vs any other program. When I first started my art career, I preferred Photoshop for my drawing needs, and I still do on occasion, but I can completely understand where and when I would need to use an alternative program to achieve more of my graphic design needs. 

The ability to concentrate solely on drawing is Illustrator’s greatest asset. This system is entirely devoted to sketching, and that is what it does. You’ll enjoy using this approach if you want to create intricate and detailed drawings that are ideal for prints.

Photoshop, on the other hand, is more comprehensive. You can use this to your advantage for a number of different purposes. Photoshop is fantastic for improving images and modifying photographs. It might have a little less drawing-related functionality than Illustrator but still good enough to use for drawing. 

With all of its features, it is clear why people adore Adobe programs. You can pick the best option for you based on your needs. Each program is prepared to assist you in creating some pretty remarkable art.


Although Photoshop isn’t best known as a drawing tool, it is good for drawing. At the end of the day, you need to decide what works best for your needs.

Every artist has a specific niche that they create and while Photoshop may work great for one artist, it may not for another and that’s okay! It just takes learning how Photoshop can help you and not work against you. 

Any questions about if Photoshop is a good program for drawing? Leave a comment and let me know.

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