What Happened to Fontfeed.com & Top Alternatives

Did you try to look for Fontfeed, and it just took you to a page that says Hot New Fonts, or simply an error page? Yeah, this happened to me as well and I wondered what happened to Fontfeed.com. So I decided to find out what happened out of curiosity. 

Hi! My name is June, I’m a graphic designer and huge typography fan, that’s why I’m so keen to find out why the FontFeed doesn’t exist anymore, and what are some alternatives. 

It took me hours of research and I’d love to share with you what I found about The FontFeed, including some of the best alternatives (that exist today) that are great for learning about typography. 

So what actually happened to The FontFeed? Did it just disappear? Read more to find out! 

What Was Fontfeed.com & What Happened

The Font Feed was a typography news blog where you can learn about the latest news happening in the typography world, font tips, and new fonts. 

The FontFeed was originally part of FontShop. FontShop (International) was founded by Joan and Erik Spiekermann in Berlin as the first manufacturer-independent font supplier and one of the largest type foundries. 

FontShop soon became famous internationally, and digital marketing played a big role. The FontFeed, being part of FontShop, offered “everything about typography” which was indeed successful. Seeing the opportunities, in September 2008, FontFeed became a standalone website. 

Some of the major editors like Stephen Coles, Jürgen Siebert, and Yves Peters were still from FontShop, and FontFeed was still sponsored by FontShop International.  

In September 2015, Yves Peters, the chief editor at the FontFeed posted an article telling the world that he’s leaving FontFeed and moving to join his partner at the FontShop News. Apparently, the FontFeed “returned” to FontShop.  

So this is what happened! The FontFeed is replaced by the FontShop News. 

FontFeed.com is gone, but FontFeed didn’t actually disappear and the new version (FontShop) has even more to offer, including news, tips, and fresh new fonts! 

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, there are tons of typography sites and I’ve picked out 10 great FontFeed alternatives.   

Top 10 FontFeed Alternatives Font Sites

Luckily, there are many awesome font sites, just like The Font Feed where you can still learn more about typography and get fonts for your projects. Here are my top 10 high-quality font sites. 

1. FontShop

FontShop is definitely the top alternative for FontFeed because technically, it is FontFeed (now it’s called FontShop News) is part of FontShop. I actually think it’s a better website because it provides everything you need about typography. 

This is a font seller, so on the homepage, you can find the best fonts, new fonts, web fonts, etc. If you want to read blogs, hover on the FontShop menu and you’ll find blogs in the News section. 

2. Fonts In Use

This is a font blog where you can get your typography design inspiration from. Fonts In Use collects useful information and knowledge contributed by the public, type designers, and its outstanding team examines the content to make sure of its quality. 

You can learn about fonts by topics, formats, and typefaces. For example, if you want to learn more about how to use a font or what font to use for Advertising, you can choose the Advertising from Formats, and learn how different designers chose or made the font.   

3. TypeNetwork

You can find typography news, tips, and free & paid fonts for download at TypeNetwork. Besides learning about different foundries, you can also get professional tips on how to use a font for different projects to take your typography design skill to the next level. 

4. FontSpace

FontSpace is a popular font website where you can get more than 90,000 free fonts. You can search for fonts by styles, collections, or designers. 

The fonts are all free for download, some of them do have restrictions for commercial use, so make sure to double-check the license & restrictions before using it for commercial purposes.  

If you’re not sure what font to use or want to learn more about typography, there’s a blog section that you can read and learn more about fonts. 

5. Font Squirrel

I used to be a frequent visitor at Font Squirrel because they have a good selection of free fonts for personal and business use. There’s also a font forum where you can ask and answer questions if you click Font Talk on the navigation bar. 

Font Squirrel does have a blog section as well but it hasn’t been updated for a while, and it’s mainly replaced by Font Talk. 

6. typegoodness

This is a typography blog where you can download free fonts and follow the latest typography news. If you have any type-related news, you can also contribute content to typegoodness. 

What I love about typegoodness is that when you choose a free font, it takes you to a post about that font and tells you more about its usage.  

7. BeFonts

BeFonts is another free font resource where you can find high-quality fonts for your creative projects. Besides downloading fonts, you can also find out what fonts others are using on their design (image) from Font Identification which you can find on the navigation bar. 

You can also add a new topic on the forum if you have any questions or reply to the posts if you know the answers.  

8. I Love Typography

A combination of font shop and font blog, I Love Typography it’s like a font fashion magazine. You’ll find the latest font updates from the blog section because they post frequently and their content is fun to read. 

9. MyFonts

Besides offering a huge selection of professional fonts for any type of creative project, there’s also a learning section at MyFonts where you can learn and boost your creativity in typography and graphic design in general.  

10. Fontsmith

Being part of the Monotype family, Fontsmith offers fonts for download, creative services such as logo/branding design, and high-quality blogs & news about typography. It’s a combo of everything typography. 


Got more questions about fonts? Here are some popular questions that people ask about fonts, see if you know the answers already.   

Where can I download commercial fonts for free?

You can find free fonts commercial use in websites like MyFonts, Font Squirrel, Google Fonts, etc. But to be honest, the free options are limited.  

Are fonts free?

There are good selections of free fonts on different font sites, but not all fonts are free. Although most fonts are free for personal use, it’s important to check the license before you download and use the font for commercial use. 

How do I find new fonts?

You can find new fonts from sites from popular font sites such as MyFonts, FontSpace, Google Fonts, etc. Normally these font sites have a “new fonts” section. For example, MyFonts has a Hot New Fonts section.


FontFeed originally was part of FontShop, it got its independence, and they reunited again. You won’t be able to find FontFeed.com again but if you want to find FontFeed, check out the FontShop News. If you want to learn more about typography, the top alternatives work perfectly too 🙂

What are your favorite typography blogs?


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