Is Adobe Certification in Photoshop Worth It?

From my career standpoint, I do believe Adobe Photoshop Certification is worth the time and effort to obtain. The time taken to study Adobe Photoshop outweighs any cons that I have encountered. 

I currently hold a certification in Photoshop, and I definitely believe that it has only helped my career excel at this point.

 In this article, I am going to cover if Adobe Certification in Photoshop is worth the effort of getting it or not. 

What is Adobe Photoshop Certification

According to Adobe, Adobe Certified Professional Certification is an industry-recognized certification that demonstrates mastery of Adobe Creative Cloud software and foundational knowledge for digital media careers.

Adobe Photoshop Certification was created for individuals to showcase their knowledge of Photoshop at a more professional level to potential clients, or jobs they encounter. 

Adobe certification serves as documentation of your proficiency with Adobe, much like a college degree reveals that you have completed all the prerequisite courses within your field of study. Consequently, potential employers are no longer required to believe you when you say that you are capable.

Your certification serves as evidence that you at least possess the foundational skills necessary to organize, design, and manage successful communications that make use of a variety of digital media. An applicant who has successfully completed an exam to demonstrate their ability will be given more weight by an employer than one who has not.

Is Adobe Photoshop Certification Worth It?

I think it’s worth it to get the certification for my career, but not everyone has to get it. For example, as a hobbyist, perhaps you don’t have to put in the time and effort. 

The good thing about getting Adobe Photoshop Certified is that it gets your foot in the door. While many individuals who use Photoshop don’t bother getting it, an employer will always be impressed by that badge of certification. It shows that you are professionally competent, not just artistically, but by Adobe’s standards.

On the other hand, getting Adobe Photoshop Certified is that it does take a bit to study and learn Photoshop if you don’t have prior knowledge. You will need to prove that you have the ability to quickly navigate the program at a master’s level. 


Here are more questions about getting Adobe Photoshop Certified. 

Do I need to be Adobe Photoshop Certified? 

The short answer is no, but if you would like to stand out more to future clients, I would say you should look into it. 

Is getting Adobe certified expensive? 

The average cost to take the exam is around $80 USD

Is the Adobe certification exam easy?

From my experience, yes and no. If you have prior Adobe Cloud experience, you might be able to pass the test with little to no study. Additionally, there are many tools accessible to help you study for the exam if you want to enter this highly profitable area. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t pass the first time.

Does Adobe certification expire? 

Yes, it does, but you won’t have to worry about recertification for two years after receiving your certification. To prove to employers that you’re up to speed, you’ll eventually need to recertify. However, since you’ve already been using Adobe products and are familiar with them all, this should be rather simple.

How much experience is required to pass an exam?

Candidates are expected to have at least 150 hours of instruction and hands-on experience in an application before earning the certification


Overall, It is evident that there are many advantages to obtaining your Adobe certification when deciding whether or not to do so.

If you’re thinking about getting certified, I advise simply taking the step. 
That does not mean you should just wing it. If anyone can, it’s rare. Study, nevertheless, and take the test for the most recent version. I have never regretted my certification and it has paid for itself over and over and continues to.

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As a graphic designer who uses the entire Adobe Suite on a daily basis, Photoshop is my inspiration, especially since I'm Adobe certified and use it most often for my graphics and web-designed images.

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