How to Get a Student Discount on Adobe Photoshop

Both students and teachers can take advantage of the 60 – 70% off the original price offered by the Adobe Students and Teachers discount.

To qualify, you must be a student over the age of 13 who is enrolled full-time or part-time in a recognized school or homeschooling. A card or a receipt for tuition payments will suffice as identification for the student. 

The guidelines are essentially the same for teachers. Teachers must provide identification, a paystub, or even an email ID to show their part-time or full-time employment in a homeschool or approved institution.

In this article, I’ll show you how you can get a student discount with Adobe Photoshop. 

How to Get Photoshop Student Discount

First, you will want to go on over to Adobe Creative Cloud for Students & Teachers. Then you will see the Students & Teachers option on the top of the page. It will look something like this. 

Next, you will most likely see a Save now button somewhere on the screen. Go ahead and click that to sign up for your student discount. 

It will take you to a screen that has the specific Student deal, you will see a button that says Buy now and it will have you log in to your existing Adobe account, or if you don’t have one, it will need you to create an account before continuing. 

Be aware that if you already have an Adobe account you will need to make sure that you switch your email address used to your student email address or else you will not get student pricing. 

Next is just a few more steps that you will follow, and you should be set up with student pricing in no time. This is a quick and easy way to save a few dollars on Adobe programs if you are already a student. 

Final Thoughts

Given that it includes +20 Adobe programs and tools, the All Apps pack’s discounted monthly price of $19.99 is a great deal for students or teachers. I took advantage of this offer when I was back in college as well. It’s also a great way to learn all the programs aside from Photoshop. 

Any questions about Student Discounts in Photoshop? Leave a comment and let me know.

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