Where Can I Get Free Good Fonts for Personal or Commercial Use?

good free fonts for photoshop

Who doesn’t love a good free font? The font you choose for your personal or commercial project is an immediate visual cue for the viewer. You can make your project look bold, feminine, quirky, serious, strong, and so much more just with the font you choose. 

I’ve run into a need for the perfect font more than once throughout my career as a photographer and content creator. To help you out on your project, I’m going to share some of the best websites I’ve found for downloading free fonts for personal or commercial use.

Check them out here!

1. Google Fonts

Everybody loves Google, right? Google seems to have at least one finger in every tech pie, so it shouldn’t be surprising that they offer a font site as well. 

The Google Fonts site is pretty straightforward and easy to use. As of this writing, there were 1,052 font families available in a variety of languages including different versions of Chinese, Greek, and Hebrew. 

Some really well-known languages like Gujarati and Gurmukhi also pop up in the list. (LOL, tell me I’m not the only uncultured one!)

The search allows you to browse by categories like Serif, Sans Serif, Handwriting, etc. You can also choose font properties such as thickness, slant, and width. 

You’re also allowed to type your own sentence at the top and the fonts will be displayed with your chosen words — helpful when you want to see how a specific phrase will look.

The fonts on Google Fonts are downloadable. Even better, they are all open-source, meaning you can use them however you please.

2. Font Squirrel

Font Squirrel bills itself as having done all the hard work for you when it comes to finding free fonts on the Internet that can be used for commercial projects. Even so, on the FAQs page, the authors still suggest reading the license for your selected font carefully. 

Some of the fonts are downloadable directly from the Font Squirrel site, while others will redirect you to a different website. 

Alongside each font are these four icons:

The first one stands for commercial desktop use, such as commercial graphics and documents. The globe-like one means you can embed it into your site using CSS. 

The third one means the font license allows you to use it in e-books and portable documents. The final one lets you use the font in apps and software. If any of them are grayed out, the selected font does not offer a license for that specific use. 

Finally, the Font Identifier tool is a pretty awesome feature. See a font you like somewhere on the Internet? Upload a picture of it to Font Squirrel and the Font Identifier tool will try to match it with one of the fonts available on their site. Pretty cool!

3. Befonts

The Befonts website shows you right off the bat how the fonts look in action. This is helpful for visualizing what will work if you’re unsure. Not all the fonts on this website are free so you’ll have to read the fine print. Additionally, some licenses only allow for personal use. 

The Befonts website is a great resource for connecting with professional designers the world over. The “Check Out More” button will take you to the creator’s or source website so you can learn more about the font and purchase different versions.

You can also search by categories like Basic, Display, and Script and there is a button that will limit results to those that are free for commercial use. 

4. Behance

Behance is not strictly a site for free fonts, however, it is a rich resource. It works like a social network for creatives and there are tons of fonts that designers have shared that you can download free of charge. 

Because of this, you can find lots of really unique fonts on the platform.Simply search “Free Fonts” on the Behance website. You’ll get a display showing the fonts in action like the screenshot above. Sort the results by creative field or tools (such as Photoshop or Illustrator). 

If you want a really unique font for your project that you won’t see all over the place, this is a fantastic site to use.

5. Awwwards

Another great place to look for unique free fonts is on Awwwards. Like Behance, it is a place where designers gather to show off their work and gather inspiration. 

Designers all over the world are frequently uploading new, intriguing free fonts. This makes the site a great resource to find fresh content for your project. 

Most of the licenses are for personal use only. However, there are a few free-for-commercial use fonts as well. 

6. Pixel Surplus

Pixel Surplus offers a large selection of premium free fonts as well as other freebies. Search hundreds of graphics, templates, mockups, textures, and more on this well-rounded website. Each font is shown in action, providing plenty of font inspiration for your project. 

Many of the free fonts are for personal use, but some of them offer a free commercial use license. Read the fine print on your particular font to see the rules. 

Start Creating!

Don’t let the need for a custom font get you down. We’ve barely scratched the surface of places on the Internet where you can get unique, free fonts to fit any project. 

It might take a bit of digging, but you’ll be able to find the font that perfectly showcases your project. These sites are a great place to get started.

What do you think of this list? Do you know of any other great resources that we’ve missed? Feel free to tell us in the comments!

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