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2010 / by hannah -

Photoshop Design Tools – Gridulator

Using grids in web design is a must. The process of using a design grid helps to give a strong visual but also a solid structual balance to the design. The design grid is used at the initial Photoshop design stage but should also be used throughout front end development to ensure that elements are consistantly aligned.

2010 / by hannah -

Saving a gradient for web – gif, jpeg or png?

Gradients are often used in web design, but when you save them using the wrong file type you may find that your lovely design has banding stripes of colour or will actually cause you more work in the long run when you come to update the files!

2010 / by hannah -

Saving images for the web – Jpeg, Gif, Png

This article will explain the differences between the three file types; jpegs, gifs and pngs, and explain when it is best to use each method. To save an image to be used on the web, you should go to File > Save for Web & Devices.