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2010 / by hannah -

How to create a multiplicity image / photo in Photoshop

First of all you will need some fancy camera work. To get a good finished multiplicity photo it will be important to take the photos in relatively quick succesion, especially if shooting a photo sequence outdoors. This will ensure that the lighting and shadow in the photos will be coming from the same direction across all shots.

2010 / by hannah -

How to Airbrush out spots in Photoshop

This tutorial shows you how to use the clone tool in Photoshop to successfully airbrush out spots from a ladybird. This photo manipulation technique is widely used and can be copied to remove blemishes and wrinkles through to removing whole items from a photo or extending an image. The clone tool is the only tool required in this photoshop tutorial, see below for details on how to use it to the best effect for airbrushing.