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2010 / by hannah -

Saving a gradient for web – gif, jpeg or png?

Gradients are often used in web design, but when you save them using the wrong file type you may find that your lovely design has banding stripes of colour or will actually cause you more work in the long run when you come to update the files!

2010 / by hannah -

How to create a Gold Plaque in Photoshop using vector shapes

This tutorial will show the process for creating a gold plaque in photoshop. This tutorial can be followed when making any metallic plaque be it gold, silver, brass etc, just change the colours used. This tutorial shows how to make a gold plaque using a combination of vector shapes and layer styles.

2010 / by hannah -

Transforming a solid shape into a transparent gradient in Photoshop

This tutorial will cover the basics of making a solid shape into a transparent gradient, using the layer style options in Photoshop. For this example, I’m going to create a black to transparent gradient over an image, to create the effect of the image fading out to black. This effect is often used with a dark photograph fading to black on the background of a website, the reverse of this a lighter image fading to white is often used on the top of invitations and flyers.