Photoshop Square Brushes

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This whole set of square brushes comes with Photoshop and they just need to be loaded into your brush palette to enable you to start using them.

Square Brushes which come with Photoshop CS5
Square Brushes which come with Photoshop CS5

To load the square brushes into your brush palette:

Step 1
With a document open and the brush tool selected, right click the canvas.

Step 2.
Click on the arrow which is top right on the brush selector.

Select the arrow button top right
Select the arrow button top right

Step 3.
Choose Square brushes from the list.

Select Square Brushes from the drop down list
Select Square Brushes from the drop down list


You should now be able to access all the Photoshop square brushes 🙂

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Comments (11)

  1. Thank you SO much! Most helpful 🙂

  2. Help,It does not work,I click on the panel and It didn’t show the square brushes,It only showed all the stuff until Replace Brushes,Thats it.

  3. Thanks Hannah, it really helped me

  4. that’s Nice

  5. Very useful and revealed the info without lots of flannel upfront 🙂

  6. After the DP brushes i have’nt got any of the other ones , WHY!!??! So i can’t get the square ones!

  7. Which version of Photoshop do you have?

  8. I do not have any other options under ”preset manager”.I have no square brush please help.

  9. Hi Edward. Within the preset manager make sure the Brushes are selected from the drop down and following that line from the drop down box you will find a small ‘play’ icon. Click this and you should then get ‘square brushes’ as an option. Newer versions of Photoshop now have a ‘cog’ icon instead of a ‘play’ icon.

  10. Thank you very much

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