What’s new in Adobe Photoshop CC 2015 for designers?

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A brief overview of 8 new fantastic features for designers who use Photoshop.

1) Artboards
Illustrator users maybe familiar with the way this works. For Photoshop users this will be totally new but an awesome feature if you do any design for responsive sites or mobile / app design within Photoshop. Artboards is basically like having multiple canvases within the same document sitting side by side. So you can have all the design work for a project within one Photoshop .psd rather than having multiple files. The canvases do not have to be the same size, you can choose from the art board menu to have a custom size canvas or choose from a list of preset sizes which include settings for mobile screen sizes for example.

2) Content Aware
Is now immediate, no more loading bars.

3) Linked Assets
This works in sync with Illustrator, if you update a logo in Photoshop or Illustrator and save it to the cloud library you can then choose to have it updated across any Photoshop documents it is used in. You can also share the link to the asset from within Photoshop which makes sharing assets between design team members a very quick and easy process.

4) Layer Styles
Ever wanted to put a stroke on a stroke? Another fantastic new feature in Photoshop CC 2015 is multiple layer styles. You can now add multiple strokes, inner shadows, drop shadows, colour overlays and gradient overlays to your layers.

5) Glyph Panel
Again, something that Illustrator users may have seen before but new to Photoshop. This glyph panel allows you to view all available glyphs in a font.

6) Export Options
New export options are available and work in sync with the new art boards feature, meaning that you can export artboards in the same document separately. You can also export layers or groups  separately by selecting and right clicking in the layers palette or using the layer palette options.

7) Adobe Preview CC
This is a companion app that enables you to connect to your iPad or iPhone via USB or wifi and preview your artwork whilst you design.

8) Adobe Stock
Adobe stock is a new stock library curated by Adobe where you can source stock photography and vector images straight from your image library in Photoshop. You can license an image and it will appear in your library or you can preview the image which will still download it and integrate it within your library panel except the image will have a Adobe Stock watermark on it. If you later decide to buy the image the great thing is that it is a 2 step process. You just select the image within your image library, right-click and select ‘ license image’. So it is seamless and you get your images straight into Photoshop without having to go to your downloads folder etc.

This update is available to Photoshop CC users now!

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