10 Great Sites for Free stock Photography

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Recently, I’ve been trying to find some resources for good quality stock imagery that is free to use, that I can add to and share on my website. Many stock websites have strict rules on copyright and charge licence fees either per photo or with a monthly license. Even if you use an image just for your own personal use to play around with in Photoshop, if you don’t make the purchase, you often have watermarks to contend with. And then, if you want to share what you have created online with others, even if its for non-profit there is a grey area there. Since I managed to compile a good list of what is out there and free to use, I thought I would share it with you all so you too can use, edit and share them to your hearts content. If you know of any other sites with good quality copyright free images, please share in the comments or through our Facebook page.

(Please remember that websites can change their terms of use; if you are going to use an image from one of these sites, please check the copyright information on the individual website/photo to check the terms at the time of use).

#1 – stocksnap.io

Free Stock Imagery #1

Hundreds of high resolution images are added to this site weekly and all that are published to this site are being shared under the Creative Commons 0 License, which means if you find an image you like it should be free to use even for commercial use and require no attribution.

#2 – unsplash.com


Unsplash contains hundreds of images in a variety of genres that also require no attribution. Their mantra is they are ‘Free (do whatever you want’ high-resolution photos.’ I don’t think you could find a better selection of photos to try out your new photoshop filters on.

#3 – negativespace.co


All photos added to this site are released under the Creative Commons 0 Licence. Which makes them free to use, to add to and share. As the negative space name implies, these images have been chosen for there negative space and will be loved by designers looking for somewhere to add their headline or graphics to. You can even search by what area of the image has the negative space!

#4 – picjumbo.com


Pic Jumbo has over 800 photos that are free to download. You can also choose to sign up to receive the images by email or have the option to pay for access to extra features and images on the website.

#5 – pixabay.com


All images on Pixabay have been released under the Creative Commons License CC0. Which means that they have been released into the public domain and you can share them free of copyright. This means you can use them in your Photoshop projects and share them without giving an attribution.

#6 – pexels.com


All of the photos you find on pexels.com are free for personal and even commercial use. The photos are released under the Creative Commons CC0 License but they mention a notable restriction which is that any identifiable people in the photos may not appear in a bad light or in a way that they may find offensive, unless they give their consent. It should be noted that this restriction may be true of all images released under this license and may apply to the other sites mentioned on this page.

 #7 – splitshire.com


Splitshire have a collection of Royalty Free Photos and Images for commercial use. They are the personal photos of Daniel Nanescu and the site boasts of over 600,000 downloads and 6,000,000 page views with images being used far and wide and on sites like the Huffington Post & CNN. Be sure to check this one out.

#8 – viintage.com


Viintage.com stands out from the other websites that I have mentioned in the top 10 because it is all about vintage graphics. But the one thing they do have in common is that all these images are free from copyright. They focus on works that have entered the public domain and on this particular site they focus on works of art that have entered the public domain because of the copyright expiring. They have the details on their site of the number of years needed worldwide before work passes into the public domain.

#9 – moveast.me


Moveast.me is the story of one man that decided to travel and release his images into the public domain. All of his images are released under the CC0 license. There are some very unique and beautiful images on this website that make me want to travel!

#10 – cupcake.nilssonlee.se


All images on Cupcake are licensed under the CC0 license. They are labelled as FREE (do whatever you want) photos and are personal photos of Jonas Wimmerstrom. Please note that the photos on the main nilssonlee website are the professional photos of Jonas and are not copyright free.


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