Font Awesome Photoshop Custom Shape Pack

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Download the Font Awesome Free Photoshop Custom Shape Pack here.

Font Awesome is an amazing resource for web designers and developers. For those who are new to Font Awesome it is a downloadable font which contains a myriad of web-related icons. These icons can be translated into code as scalable vectors. This means that you can treat them the same as any other font by adding colour, drop-shadows and other effects whilst scaling them up to your hearts content without loss of quality. I was instantly sold as soon as I saw the huge selection of icons available but I hit a stumbling block when I wanted to use them in Photoshop. The method to use them within Photoshop seemed to involve a lot of copying and pasting. So ta-da! I created a Font Awesome custom shape pack to use direct from the Photoshop Shapes Toolbar. All 519 icons within the current 4.3.0 version are included.


The download is available as a .csh file which you can load into Photoshop.


*This is a free download. Font Awesome is completely free for commercial use but please check out the official license here.

Font Awesome is by Dave Gandy –

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  1. Thank you hannah! This will really be helpful to me. 🙂

  2. very very helpful for me. thanks a lot.

  3. Thanks … really helpful!

  4. Fantasic, thanks a lot!

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