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2010 / by hannah -

How to batch re-name photos in Photoshop

There is a really quick and simple way to batch re-name files in Photoshop using Adobe Bridge. Follow this tutorial to learn how easy it is! The Photoshop batch re-naming tool uses various different methods to re-name the files, you can use a naming method, sequencial numbering and more. 6 easy steps…

2010 / by hannah -

6 ways to duplicate a layer in Photoshop

As always there are several different methods of duplicating a layer in Photoshop. You will normally have a preferred way of working in photoshop, so choose whichever way fits in with your current processes the best. There is no right and wrong way, there are in fact 6 ways!

2010 / by hannah -

Transforming a solid shape into a transparent gradient in Photoshop

This tutorial will cover the basics of making a solid shape into a transparent gradient, using the layer style options in Photoshop. For this example, I’m going to create a black to transparent gradient over an image, to create the effect of the image fading out to black. This effect is often used with a dark photograph fading to black on the background of a website, the reverse of this a lighter image fading to white is often used on the top of invitations and flyers.