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2015 / by hannah -

Font Awesome Photoshop Custom Shape Pack

Download the Font Awesome Free Photoshop Custom Shape Pack here. Font Awesome is an amazing resource for web designers and developers. For those who are new to Font Awesome it…

2013 / by hannah -

Dotted and Dashed Lines in Photoshop

Dotted and dashed lines are used a great deal in web design, and if like me you use Photoshop for your web designs, you will know that creating these lines…

2010 / by hannah -

How to Kern text in photoshop

Kerning is the process of changing the amount of white space in-between letters. This technique should be used when creating any graphics with a large heading or a logo. With experience you may find the white space simply glares out at you in between the letters meaning that you are able to adjust the kerning easily by eye.

2010 / by hannah -

Saving a gradient for web – gif, jpeg or png?

Gradients are often used in web design, but when you save them using the wrong file type you may find that your lovely design has banding stripes of colour or will actually cause you more work in the long run when you come to update the files!